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Vegetables at Downside Nurseries

When we checked our vegetable list against ‘Gardening Which’s’ list of recommended varieties, we were pleased to find most of the varieties we grow on it. Those that are not are all top-quality commercial varieties not generally available as seed for amateurs so outside their remit. This year we have...
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Herbs at Downside

Herbs On the herb bench, we have added Thai Basil which we were asked for last year. Sweet Basil, Cinnamon Basil, Red Basil and Lemon Basil will all be available as usual. These are glasshouse or window sill items until mid-May at least.  Remember to keep an eye on the...
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Downside Newsletter

This is our latest newsletter issued 08 December 2018.  We publish the Downside Newsletter approx every 8-12 weeks or so. If you’d like to receive a copy directly to your email box, please sign up on the left-hand side of any of our website pages…  ...
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