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Primroses and Pulmonaria

A walk around the nursery soon cheers us up…  The primroses are looking wonderful – a carpet of brilliant colours. The spring bulbs are coming through and, in the tunnels, the Pulmonaria are already in flower:  Sissinghurst White, Diana Clare with the attractive spotted leaves, and Blue Ensign – a...
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Plant Passports and New Plant List

Plant Passports Passports are labels attached to the plants giving details of Genus, species, country (s) of origin and registering Nursery and the new passporting regulations have recently come into force. This is an attempt to stop the transmission of dangerous pests and diseases, particularly across national frontiers.  If you want...
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Christmas Newsletter

Here’s a link to our Christmas Newsletter We send you good wishes for Christmas and the New Year  –  and just a reminder that we are closed on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day.    ...
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