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Vegetables at Downside – tomatoes, sticcoli, squash, kale and lovage

Tomatoes There really is nothing like the taste of home-grown tomatoes.  Part of the reason for this is that, unlike other fruits, say apples or bananas, they stop producing the volatile flavour-giving molecules once they have been chilled.  The reddening and softening process continues but the flavour does not develop...
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Spring is coming 

 At long last, we are getting a few bright days interspersed with the gloom and it seems possible to venture out into the garden again. It is a good time to plant deciduous trees and shrubs. Nowadays, with containerised stock, you can plant any time of year but spring is...
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Soft Fruit varieties as at 18 January 2018

Please refer to the previous post for information about the soft fruit varieties offered here at Downside Nurseries. Here’s the list of our newly arrived soft fruit as at 18 January 2018; for the list with helpful comments please refer to the plants page on our website in the next few...
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