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Roses at Downside

The David Austin roses are still unavailable to us.  These are Hybrid Tea/shrub rose hybrids and their virtue is that they flower all season like their Hybrid Tea antecedents. They are not the only ones however; other breeders have been working and producing similar hybrids, which are every bit as...
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Zinnias, Magellan, Impatiens, Brugmansia

The cut flower Zinnias we grow in the vegetable garden (Benary’s Giant) were greatly admired last year. They need little support and produce splendid bunches of flowers until the frosts. They last a good week or more in a vase. They would also look well planted in a herbaceous border....
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Annuals and tender perennials

Very few people actually have traditional beds of annuals nowadays but brighten up their gardens with easily cared for tubs and containers. Many of the basket plants are in fact tender perennials. The virtue of the whole crop, annual and perennial, is that the plants flower all summer long. A...
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Downside update April 2019

We are busy producing the tender bedding crop. There is no hurry to plant out. We used to say mid-May was about as early as you could risk planting out around here – later if you are in a frost pocket – but the weather has gone a bit mad...
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