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Category Archives: Bare Root Trees and Hedging

Fruit, ornamental and bare root trees

We have had the first of our tree deliveries from Frank Matthews.   The fruit run is replenished and Mulberrys are now back in stock again.  We have the trained apples, cherries, plums and damsons – these are always in short supply so shop early!  No trained pears again this year;...
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Bare root stock

Despite the miserable weather, we are still keeping busy at the nursery. The long mild autumn meant a long wait before the bare-root stock started to arrive. The first of the roses are in and quite a lot of the soft fruit. Most of the bare-root hedging is in now...
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Planting out and Hedging

Despite a couple of warm days (end Feb) we undoubtedly have a lot of cold weather and frosts still to come.  Plenty of time for the tender things later, but a good time for planting trees and shrubs. Nowadays, when almost everything comes containerised, you can plant any time of...
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Bare root hedging is now available at Downside Nurseries

Bare root hedging is now available at Downside Nurseries;  we’ll have a wide variety of native hedging from which you can pick and mix: beech cornus (dogwood) eunonymus (spindle) hawthorn hazel privet rosa rugosa viburnum (gelder rose and wayfaring tree) For larger quantities, please ask for a quotation from Lorraine on...
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