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Category Archives: Bedding

Sugar Peas, Bedding, Tomatoes, Hydrangeas

Sugar Peas for the Spring Lorraine has sown some sugar peas which are great to over winter in cold glass.  Then, you can put them outside in the Spring when you need the room, and harvest them in April. These should be ready for you at the Nursery from mid-October....
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White plants for your borders – Orlaya grandiflora, Perennial Stocks, Nicotiana affinis and sylvestris, White tree lupins and New Guinea Impatiens

If you’re looking for white plants for your borders, then here’s a few options for your consideration: Orlaya grandiflora- the white flowers of this gorgeous short lived perennial form in big, flat-topped clusters, which can look a little like lace-cap hydrangeas.  They flower throughout the summer and continue until first frosts...
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Summer Bedding

We have a fantastic selection of Summer Bedding for you, even if we say so ourselves….. But it is still too early to plant out tender stock and some of the vegetables.  Runner beans particularly resent being cold, and the frosts can still catch the geraniums, petunias and fuchsias.  We...
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