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Category Archives: Colour

Summer colour

Summer is not quite over though; Rudbeckias and Monardas are coming into their own and we have a new batch of Symphyotrichum (Asters) just beginning to flower.  We have a splendid collection of Symphyotrichum novae-angliae (New England aster) in a wonderful range of colours, bomb-proof and mildew free.  Where we...
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Summer colour and vegetable plants

If you are an expert garden designer y our garden will be carefully planned to have colour and interest all year round.   Most of us are not, however.   The easiest way is to take a look at your garden and, as the colour fades, come and buy a...
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New: Narcissus Snow Baby & Daphne odora Rebecca

Narcissus Snow Baby:  new this year this gorgeous “Snow Baby” is a creamy white version of the old favourite “Tête à Tête”. Compact, clump-forming bulbous perennial to 15cm with dark grey-green leaves. Daphne odora Rebecca Daphnes are hard to come by nowadays and not always the best quality. We have some...
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