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Category Archives: Herbaceous

Herbaceous Perennials for July colour

It is time to take a good look at your herbaceous borders. By now, many plants will have flowered and need cutting back. If this leaves gaps, the nursery is full of colour –Rudbeckias, Crocosmia, Penstemon, Summerina, Heleniums and Kniphofia.  Professionals plan borders so there is a succession, always something...
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New: Narcissus Snow Baby & Daphne odora Rebecca

Narcissus Snow Baby:  new this year this gorgeous “Snow Baby” is a creamy white version of the old favourite “Tête à Tête”. Compact, clump-forming bulbous perennial to 15cm with dark grey-green leaves. Daphne odora Rebecca Daphnes are hard to come by nowadays and not always the best quality. We have some...
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Herbaceous Perennials favourites at Downside Nurseries

Alstromeria The ‘Inticancha’ series of Alstromeria has been around for a year or two now.  They are propagated by tissue culture and are very vigorous and dependable, with profuse flowering and non-invasive, compact habit.   Sometimes called ‘Peruvian Lily’ or the ‘Parrot Lily’, they have a wonderful colour range and are...
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It has been a busy season and the herbaceous tunnel is looking a bit depleted, but we have started to pot up new stock so there are things being added all the time. We are trying some summerinas – a cross between Rudbeckia and Echinacea from Bob Brown’s nursery.  Compact 50cm....
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