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Category Archives: Perennial


Hellebores are looking wonderful now.  Do not neglect H.foetidus – stinking Hellebore.  The leaves only smell if crushed and the sprays of lime green flowers contrast nicely with the finely cut bottle green leaves.  Flowering starts in December and continues until March so this can be used to give some...
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The perennial beds are full of colour.  There are Achilleas,  Phlox , Monardas , Echinaceas and Rudbeckias.  We are particularly pleased with Terry Dowdeswell’s New Millennium Delphiniums – the flower spikes have real quality and some of the stems are like bamboo canes. The roses have survived the wet and...
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Mulch Alstroemerias planted this season

Mulch Alstroemerias planted this season There is a lot of breeding going on with Alstroemerias. The new hybrids flower for a long time and there are wonderful colours but they can be vulnerable to frost in their first winters.  The Hardy Plant Society recommends you mulch Alstroemerias planted this season...
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Heucheras (Coral Bells) and Heucherellas (Foamy Bells) at Downside

Heucheras (Coral Bells) and Heucherellas (Foamy Bells) at Downside Nurseries: Heuchera make excellent foliage plants for sun to part-shade gardens…   Most flowers are not as impressive as the foliage, but they do add an extra level of interest. Heucherella are selected Coral Bells crossed with Tiarella to create amazing foliage...
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