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Category Archives: Salad

Confusing Curcubits – Cucumbers

Cucumbers can be very bitter if they are pollinated.  In the old days, gardeners had to be vigilant and remove the male flowers as soon as they appeared. Nowadays, we have F₁, varieties that only have female flowers, so you do not have to worry.  These are much more vigorous...
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Vegetables at Downside Nurseries

The vegetable bench is fully stocked now – the first of the kale is ready and there are still peas and sugar peas.  The last sowings of these will be the end of May. It is warm enough now for sweetcorn, courgettes and marrows to go out.  All the beans...
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There have been several warnings in the press recently about the tomato variety “Gardeners’ Delight” having broken down.  As far as we can tell, this is due to just one batch of bad seed from a generally rather unreliable supplier.  So far we have had no trouble with our tomatoes....
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