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Category Archives: Trees – Fruit

Autumn Borders, Winter Bedding, Trees and Hedging

Autumn Borders Asters – or Symphyotrichum (as we ought to call them now) are in full flower. We still have a good selection of the novae-anglia mildew resistant varieties, lovely shades of mauve, purple pink and white.  A nice change from the red and yellow autumn colours. Salvias are looking...
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Fruit tree shapes – espaliers, candelabra, fan shape

We often refer to the various different tree shapes in our newsletters and blogs so we thought it might be helpful to jot down the details of each The espalier shape sees the trunk growing right to the top of the plant and the branches coming off horizontally at regular...
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Old Green Gage from Pixy rootstock

Getting nice feedback is always a pleasure and very welcome.  This is from a customer in an email to Lorraine who wanted a greengage tree for her Dad: “Sorry to have missed you yesterday, but just wanted to say thank you for the greengage tree – my father was delighted!...
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Extolling the virtues of Morello cherries

James Wong wrote an interesting article in The Observer on 26th October extolling the virtues of Morello cherries.  He claims they are more flavoursome than the dessert varieties, good to eat raw when fully ripe and the best for cooking. From a gardener’s point of view, they are useful because...
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