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Category Archives: Trees

Fruit tree shapes – espaliers, candelabra, fan shape

We often refer to the various different tree shapes in our newsletters and blogs so we thought it might be helpful to jot down the details of each The espalier shape sees the trunk growing right to the top of the plant and the branches coming off horizontally at regular...
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The Winter Garden

January is the time for cleaning and clearing in the winter garden.  If you are still enjoying the seed heads of your grasses you can leave them a little longer, but make sure you cut them down hard before the new growth appears or you will be left with a...
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New Stock – Magnolia grandiflora, Corylopsis, Ilex crenata

It is difficult to keep the stock list on the website up dated so from time to time it is useful to mention some of the new plants we have in… Magnolia grandiflora – these are really lovely evergreen magnolias with huge white flowers, usually scented. They are fully hardy...
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We have had the first of our tree deliveries from Frank Matthews. The ornamental trees are in and most of the trained fruit.  Trained fruit trees are scarce this year so shop early. Gardeners Question Time came from Bath University recently.  They mentioned the lovely Silk Tree – Albizia julibrissin....
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