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H Cirsium rivulare Atropurpureum 026Wide variety of Hardy Herbaceous Perenials. Grasses and iris 961These hardy varied and versatile plants are our speciality. We stock over 500 varieties from old favourites to the latest introductions and are always on the look-out for new and interesting plants to add to our range.

Hardy, varied and versatile, herbaceous perennials are available all year round and we are continually replenishing our stock. The widest choice is available in April to May.
These include many of your favourites such as salvia, penstemon, heuchera, euphorbia, hellebores and well established specimen sizes of lupins and delphiniums.
We have a separate section for Bamboos, Ferns and Grasses, please see here.

To see the list of herbaceous perennials that we have in stock at the beginning of the season, please see the list below; this does not however guarantee availability.

If you’d like to download an Excel of this page, please click here


Abutilon vitifolium 3L
Acanthus mollis 3L
Acanthus mollis Tasmanian Angel 3L
Acanthus spinosus 3L
Achillea millefolia Cassis 2L
Achillea Moondust 2L
Achillea Moonshine 2L
Achillea Pretty Belinda 2L
Achillea Red Velvet 2L
Achillea Summer Wine 2L
Achillea Terracotta 2L
Aconitum carmichaelii Royal Flush 2L
Aconitum napellus 2L
Aconitum napellus 2L
Aconitum napellus Album 2L
Aconitum x cammarum Bicolour 2L
Aconitum x cammarum Stainless Steel 2L
Adenophora liliifolia 2L
Aeonium Zwarkop 2L
Agapanthus Arctic Star 2L
Agapanthus Black Magic 2L
Agapanthus Bressingham Blue 2L
Agapanthus Castle of May 2L
Agapanthus Headbourne Hybrids 2L
Agapanthus Icicles 2L
Agapanthus Lapis Lazuli 2L
Agapanthus Navy Blue 2L
Agapanthus Northern Star 2L
Agapanthus Silver Moon 3L
Agapanthus Sandringham 2L
Agapanthus Strawberry Ice 2L
Agave americana 3L
Agave americana 1L
Agave americana Aureomarginata 1L
Ajuga reptans Arctic Fox 9k
Ajuga reptans Burgundy Glow 9k
Ajuga reptans Catlin’s Giant 1.5L
Alcea ficifolia Las Vegas Hybrids(Single) 3L
Alcea rosea Black Knight(Nigra) 3L
Alcea rosea Polestar 3L
Alcea rosea Sunshine 3L
Alchemilla erythropodia 3L
Alchemilla mollis Irish Silk 2L
Allium bulgaricum See Nectaroscordum
Allium hollandicum Giganteum 2L
Allium shubertii 2L
Allium shubertii 2L
Allium spherocephalon 2L
Allium spherocephalon 2L
Allium Eros 1.5L
Allium Firmament 1.5L
Allium Globemaster 2L
Allium Mount Everest 2L
Allium Mount Everest 2L
Alstroemeria Inticacha Dark Purple 2L
Alstroemeria Inticancha Indigo 2L
Alstroemeria Inticancha Maya 2L
Alstroemeria Inticancha Navayo 2L
Alstroemeria Inticancha Red 2L
Alstroemeria Summer Break 2L
Alstroemeria Summer Sky 2L
Amsonia tabernaemontana 2L
Anchusa LoddenRoyalist 2L
Anchusa LoddenRoyalist 2L
Anemone hybr. Andrea Atkinson 2L
Anemone hybr. Carmen 2L
Anemone hybr. Prince Heinrich 2L
Anemone hybr. Queen Charlotte 2L
Anemone hybr. Whirlwind 2L
Anemone hybr. Wild Swan 2L
Anemone sylvestris 1.5L
Angelica gigas 3L
Angelica pachycarpa 3L
Angelica Ebony 3L
Anthriscus Ravenswing 2L
Antirrhinum Pretty in Pink 2L
Aquilegia alpina Cameo Mixed 9k
Aquilegia vulgaris Black Barlow 2L
Aquilegia vulgaris Koralle 2L
Aquilegia vulgaris Swan Blue/White 2L
Aquilegia vulgaris Swan Burgundy/White 2L
Aquilegia vulgaris Swan Lavender 2L
Aquilegia vulgaris Swan Red/White 2L
Aquilegia vulgaris Swan White 2L
Aquilegia vulgaris Swan Yellow 2L
Aquilegia vulgaris Violet/White 2L
Arabis caucasia White 9k
Arabis procumbens Glacier 9k
Arenaria montana 1.5L
Argyrocytissus battandieri 4L
Armeria maritima Pink 9cm
Armeria montana Rubrifolia 9k
Artemesia canescens 3L
Artemesia lactiflora Guizhu 2L
Artemesia ludovicana Valerie Finnis 2L
Artemesia Lambrook Silver 2L
Artemesia Powis Castle 2L
Artichoke see Cynara
Arum italicum Pictum (Marmorarum) 9k
Aster See Symphotrichium
Astilbe chinensis Visions in Red 3L
Astilbe chinensis Visions in Red 3L
Astilbe chinensis Visions in Red 5L
Astilbe chinensis Visions in White 3L
Astilbe chinensis Visions in White 3L
Astilbe japonica Ellie 3L
Astilbe japonica Ellie 3L
Astilbe x hybrida Look at Me 3L
Astilbe x hybrida Look at Me 3L
Astilbe x simplicifola Pink Lightning 3L
Astilbe x simplicifola Pink Lightning 5L
Astrantia major Buckland 2L
Astrantia major Florence 2L
Astrantia major Hadspen Blood 2L
Astrantia major Moulin Rouge 2L
Astrantia major Roma 2L
Astrantia major Rosensinfonie 2L
Astrantia major Superstar  (White) 2L
Astrantia major Venice 2L
Aubretia deltoidea Antique Rose 9k
Aubretia deltoidea Alix Brett 9k
Aubretia deltoidea Blaumeise 9k
Aubretia deltoidea Blue Beauty(Double) 9k
Aubretia deltoidea Bressingham Red 9k
Aubretia deltoidea Lavender Lace 9k
Aubretia deltoidea Pink Beauty(Double) 9k
Aubretia deltoidea Purity(White) 9k
Aubretia deltoidea Red Variegated 9k
Aubretia deltoidea Somerford Lime 9k
Aurinia saxatalis 9k
Ballota pseudodictamnus 2L
Bergenia Bach 3L
Bergenia Bartok 3L
Bergenia Bressingham White 3L
Bergenia Eden’s Magic Giant 3L
Brunnera macrophylla Looking Glass 2L
Brunnera macrophylla Mr Morse 2L
Camassia lieichtlinii Caerulea 2L
Camassia lieichtlinii Caerulea 2L
Camassia lieichtlinii Quamash 2L
Camassia lieichtlinii White 2L
Campanula cochlearifolia  Blue 9cm
Campanula garganica Blue 9k
Campanula garganica Dickson’s Gold 9cm
Campanula glomeraa Superba 2L
Campanula lactiflora Lodden Anna 2L
Campanula lactiflora Pritchard’s Variety 2L
Campanula latiloba Hidcote Amethyst 2L
Campanula persicifolia Alba 2L
Campanula persicifolia Blue 2L
Campanula persicifolia La Bonne Ami 3L
Campanula persicifolia Taikon Blue 2L
Campanula persicifolia TaikonWhite 2L
Campanula persicifolia Telham Beauty 2L
Campanula x hybrida Purple Sensation 2L
Catananche caerulea Alba 2L
Catananche caerulea 2L
Centaurea montana Blue 2L
Centaurea montana Jordy 2L
Centaurea montana Silver Feathers 2L
Centranthus ruber Alba Pura 2L
Centranthus ruber Alba Pura 2L
Centranthus ruber coccineus 2L
Centranthus ruber coccineus 2L
Cephalaria gigantea 2L
Cerastium tomentosum 9k
Chamomile Double 9cm
Chrysanthemum Agnes Ann 2L
Cimicifuga atropurpurea Bug Bane 2L
Cirsium japonicum Rose  Beauty 2L
Cirsium rivulare Atropurpureum 2L
Convallaria majalis Lily of the Valley 2L
Coreopsis rosea Heaven’s Gate 2L
Crambe cordifola 3L
Crassula sarcocaulis 9k
Crocosmia masionorum 2L
Crocosmia x crocosmifolia Columbus 2L
Crocosmia x crocosmifolia Emily Mckenzie 2L
Crocosmia x crocosmifolia George Davidson 2L
Crocosmia x crocosmifolia Golden Ballerina 2L
Crocosmia x crocosmifolia Hellfire 2L
Crocosmia x crocosmifolia Honey Angels 2L
Crocosmia x crocosmifolia Lucifer 2L
Crocosmia x crocosmifolia Lucifer 2L
Crocosmia x crocosmifolia Zambesi 2L
Cyclamen coum 9cm
Cyclamen hederifolium Pink 9cm
Cyclamen hederifolium White 9cm
Cynara cardunculis Cardoon 2L
Cynara scolymus Artichoke Green Globe 3L
Cynara scolymus Artichoke Green Globe 3L
Dahlia Bishop of Llandaff 3L
Dahlia Bishop of Llandaff TC30
Dahlia Fascination 3L
Dahlia Fascination TC30
Dahlia Inspire 3L
Dahlia Raymond Gurnsey 3L
Dahlia Twining’s After Eight 2L
Delphinium grandiflorum Astolat 5L
Delphinium grandiflorum Black Knight 5L
Delphinium grandiflorum Blue Lace 3L
Delphinium grandiflorum Double Innocence 3L
Delphinium grandiflorum Dusky Maiden 3L
Delphinium grandiflorum Dusky Maiden 5L
Delphinium grandiflorum Guardian Blue 3L
Delphinium grandiflorum Guardian Blue 5L
Delphinium grandiflorum Guardian Lavender 3L
Delphinium grandiflorum Guardian White 3L
Delphinium grandiflorum Guardian White 5L
Delphinium grandiflorum Mfount Chrerry Blossom 2L
Delphinium grandiflorum Mfount DKBl/DkBee 2L
Delphinium grandiflorum Mfount White 3L
Delphinium grandiflorum Morning Lights 3L
Delphinium grandiflorum Morning Lights 5L
Delphinium grandiflorum Pagan Purples 3L
Delphinium grandiflorum Pagan Purples 5L
Dianthus Alpine Pink 18 Varieties 9cm
Dianthus Alpine Pink Whetman Early Birds 6 varieties 9cm
Dianthus carthusianorum 9cm
Dianthus Garden Pink Highly scented 11 varieties 1L
Dianthus Garden Pink Scent First pot & patio 9 varieties 1L
Dianthus knapii Yellow Harmony 2L
Dicksonia antarctica 1.5L
Dierama Coral Belle 2L
Digitalis ferruginea 2L
Digitalis mertonensis 2L
Digitalis purpurea Camelot Creme 3L
Digitalis purpurea Camelot Creme TC30
Digitalis purpurea Camelot Mix 3L
Digitalis purpurea Camelot Mix TC30
Digitalis purpurea CamelotWhite 3L
Digitalis purpurea CamelotWhite TC30
Digitalis purpurea Dalmation Mixed 3LSqR
Digitalis purpurea Dalmation Lavender 3L
Digitalis purpurea Dalmation Lavender 20L
Digitalis purpurea Dalmation Mixed 20L
Digitalis purpurea Dalmation Mixed TC36
Digitalis purpurea Dalmation White 3L
Digitalis purpurea Dalmation White 20L
Doronicum Little Leo 1.5L
Echinacea pallida 1.5L
Echinacea purpurea 2L
Echinacea purpurea Cheyenne Spirit 2L
Echinacea purpurea Fatal Attraction 2L
Echinacea purpurea Green Jewel 2L
Echinacea purpurea Pow Wow White 2L
Echinacea purpurea Pow Wow Wild Berry 2L
Echinacea purpurea Rubinstern 2L
Echinacea purpurea Salsa Red 2L
Echinacea purpurea Summer Salsa 2L
Echinacea purpurea Tiki Torch 2L
Echinacea purpurea Tomato Soup 2L
Echinops bannaticus Taplow Blue 3L
Echinops ritro 2L
Echium candicans 7.5L
Echium vulgare 2L
Epimedium versicolour Akebono 2L
Epimedium versicolour Red Beauty 2L
Epimedium versicolour Sulphureum 2L
Epimedium youngii Niveum 2L
Eremurus robustus 3L
Eremurus robustus 3L
Eremurus x isabellimus Cleopatra 3L
Eremurus x isabellimus Ruiter Hybrids 3L
Eremurus x isabellimus Ruiter Hybrids 3L
Eremurus White Beauty 3L
Erica darleyensis Kramer’s Red 2L
Erica darleyensis Silberscmelze 2L
Erica darleyensis Spring Surprise 2L
Erica Lime tolerant Mixed 1L
Erigeron karavatiense Profusion 9cm
Erigeron Quakeress 2L
Erodium manescaui 2L
Erodium variable Bishop’a Form 2L
Eryngium bourgatii Pen Blue 2L
Eryngium bourgatii Pico’s Blue 2L
Eryngium giganteum 2L
Eryngium giganteum Silver Ghost 3L
Eryngium x zabelli Jos Eijking 2L
Erysimum Bowles Mauve 2L
Erysimum Pastel Patchwork 2L
Erysimum Plant World Lemon 2L
Erysimum Spice Island 2L
Erysimum Stars and Stripes 2L
Eucomis comosus Maui 3L
Eupatorium maculatum Atropurpurea 3L
Euphorbia amygdaloides Robbiae 3L
Euphorbia characias Blue Wonder 3L
Euphorbia characias Glacier Blue 3L
Euphorbia characias Glacier Blue 3L
Euphorbia characias Humpty Dumpty 3L
Euphorbia characias Tasmanian Tiger 3L
Euphorbia characias ssp.wulfenii 3L
Euphorbia griffithii Bonfire 3L
Euphorbia griffithii Dixter 3L
Euphorbia martinii 3L
Euphorbia martinii Baby Charm 3L
Euphorbia mellifera Bonfire 3L
Euphorbia polychroma purpurea 3L
Euphorbia Ascot Moonbeam 3L
Euphorbia Blackbird 3L
Euphorbia Redwing 3L
Euphorbia Silver Swan 3L
Fritillaria imperialis Chopin 2L
Fritillaria imperialis Rubra 2L
Fritillaria imperialis Vivaldi 2L
Fritillaria persica 2L
Fritillaria raddeana 2L
Gaillardia Atizona Sun 2L
Gaillardia Burgundy 2L
Gaillardia Fanfare Blaze 2L
Gaillardia Mesa Yellow 2L
Gaura lindorfii Summer Breeze 2L
Gaura lindorfii Whirling Butterflies 2L
Genista lydia 3L
Geranium cinereum Ballerina 1.5L
Geranium endressii Wargrave Pink 1.5L
Geranium hybrid Ann Folkard 2L
Geranium hybrid Blue Blood 2L
Geranium hybrid Blue Sunrise 2L
Geranium hybrid Brookside 2L
Geranium hybrid Coombland White 2L
Geranium hybrid Eureka Blue 2L
Geranium hybrid Joy 2L
Geranium hybrid Orion 2L
Geranium hybrid Patricia 2L
Geranium hybrid Pink Penny 2L
Geranium hybrid Rozanne 2L
Geranium hybrid Sabani Blue 2L
Geranium hybrid Salome 2L
Geranium hybrid Sweet Heidy 2L
Geranium hybrid Tiny Monster 2L
Geranium oxonianum Tess 2L
Geranium palmatum 3L
Geranium phaeum Album 2L
Geranium phaeum Raven 2L
Geranium phaeum Samobor 2L
Geranium pratense Galactic 2L
Geranium pratense Mrs Kendal Clarke 2L
Geranium pratense Summer Skies 2L
Geranium pyranaceum Bill  Wallis 2L
Geranium renardii 2L
Geranium riversleaneum Mavis Simpson 2L
Geranium sanguineum Album 2L
Geranium sanguineum Ankum’s Pride 1.5L
Geranium sanguineum Max Frei 1.5L
Geranium sanguineum Vision Pink 1.5L
Geranium sanguinieun Elke 1.5L
Geranium x cantabrigense Westray 2L
Geum coccinium Flames of Passion 2L
Geum coccinium Lady Stratheden 2L
Geum coccinium Mai Tai 2L
Geum coccinium Mrs. Bradshaw 2L
Geum coccinium Totally Tangerine 2L
Gillena trifoliata 2L
Gladiolus communis byzantinus 2L
Gypsophylla paniculata Bristol Fairy 2L
Gypsophylla paniculata Snowflake 2L
Hedychium coccineum 10L
Helenium Chelsea 2L
Helenium El Dorado 2L
Helenium Moorheim Beauty 2L
Helenium Rubinswerg 2L
Helenium Sahin’s Early Flowerer 2L
Helianthus Lemon Queen 2L
Helianthus Lemon Queen 2L
Helleborous niger Christmas Carol 1L
Helleborous niger Mont Blanc 1L
Helleborous orientalis 3L
Helleborous orientalis 4LD
Helleborous orientalis Pink Lady 1.5L
Helleborous orientalis Pink Spotted 3L
Helleborous orientalis Pretty Ellen Red 3L
Helleborous orientalis Purple Double 4LD
Helleborous orientalis Silver Dollar 3L
Helleborous orientalis Yellow Spotted 3L
Helleborous orientalis White Lady 1.5L
Helleborus orientalis Anemone Centred Yellow 4LD
Helleborus orientalis Burgundy 4LD
Helleborus orientalis Double  Ellen Pink 3L
Helleborus orientalis Double Pink Spotted 3LD
Helleborus orientalis Winter  Moonbeam 3L
Helleborus orientalis Winter Sunshine 3L
Helleborus x nigercors Emma 3L
Helleborus x nigercors Snow Crystal 2L
Hemerocallis Daring Deception 2L
Hemerocallis Pardon Me 2L
Hemerocallis Preciuos D’Oro 2L
Hemerocallis Stella d Oro 2L
Hemerocallis Summer Wine 2L
Heptacodium miconoides 3L
Hesperantha coccinea Cindy Towe 2L
Hesperantha coccinea Ice Maiden 2L
Hesperantha coccinea Pink Princess 2L
Hesperis matronalis Sweet Rocket Violet 2L
Hesperis matronalis Sweet Rocket White 2L
Heuchera Berrie Smoothie 2L
Heuchera Berrie Marmalade 2L
Heuchera Caramel 2L
Heuchera Cranberry 2L
Heuchera Cherry Cola 2L
Heuchera Firefly 2L
Heuchera Georgia Plum 2L
Heuchera Key Lime Pie 2L
Heuchera Lime Marmalade 2L
Heuchera Marmalade 2L
Heuchera Midnight Rose 2L
Heuchera Obsidian 2L
Heuchera Peach Flambe 2L
Heuchera Pistache 2L
Heuchera Silver Scrolls 2L
Heucherella Red Stone Falls 2L
Heucherella Sweet Tea 2L
Heucherella Tapestry 2L
Hieraceum auranticum Fox and Cubs 2L
Hieracium auranticum Fox and Cubs 2L
Hohoeria sexstylosa small tree/shrub   Snow White 12L
Hosta plantaginea Venus 2L
Hosta x tardiana Hadspen Blue 2L
Hosta August Moon 2L
Hosta Blue Angel 7.5L
Hosta First Frost 2L
Hosta June 2L
Hosta Orange Marmalade 2L
Hosta Patriot 2L
Hosta Prince of Wales 2L
Hosta So Sweet 2L
Hosta Sum and Substance 2L
Hosta Snow Cap 2L
Hutchinsia alpina Crystal Carpet 9k
Hyssopus officionalis Blue 10B
Hyssopus officionalis Pink 10B
Iberis sempervirens 9K
Iberis sempervirens Snow Cushion 9k
Iberis sempervirens Sweetheart 9k
Incarvillia delavayi Snowdrop 2L
Indigofera heterantha 3L
Iris germanica Orange Chariot 2L
Iris germanica Howard Weed 2L
Iris germanica War Chief 2L
Iris pumilla Blue Denim 5L
Iris pumilla Cherry Garden 5L
Iris pumilla Little Shadow 5L
Knautia Mars Midget 2L
Knautia Melton Pastels 3L
Kniphofia rooperi 2L
Kniphofia Bees Lemon 2L
Kniphofia Green Jade 2L
Kniphofia Elvira 2L
Kniphofia Mango Popsicle 2L
Kniphofia Nancy’s Red 2L
Kniphofia Percy’s Pride 2L
Kniphofia Redhot Popsicle 2L
Kniphofia Royal Standard 2L
Lamium galeobdolon Florentium 9k
Lamium Beacon Silver 9k
Lamium White Nancy 9k
Lamprocapnos spectabalis Alba 3L
Lamprocapnos spectabalis King Of Hearts 2L
Lamprocapnos spectabilis 3L
Lathyrus vernus 2L
Lathyrus vernus 2L
Lavandula angustifolia Arctic Snow 2L
Lavandula angustifolia Elizabeth 2L
Lavandula angustifolia Hidcote (Seed raised) 2L
Lavandula angustifolia Imperial Gem 2L
Lavandula angustifolia Miss Katherine 2L
Lavandula angustifolia Little Lady 2L
Lavandula angustifolia Munstead (Seed raised) 2L
Lavandula angustifolia Twickel Purple 2L
Lavandula intermedia Grosso 2L
Lavandula intermedia Platinum Blonde 2L
Lavandula intermedia Silver Sands 2L
Lavandula intermedia Walburton’s Silver Edge 2L
Lavandula stoechas Devonshire Compact 2L
Lavandula stoechas Fathead 2L
Lavandula stoechas Papillon 2L
Lavandula stoechas Pretty Polly 2L
Lavandula stoechas Regal Splendour 2L
Lavandula stoechas Snowman 2L
Leucanthemum Becky Brightside) 2L
Leucanthemum Becky (Brightside) TC24
Leucojum 2L
Liatris spicata Floristan Violet 2L
Liatris spicata Floristan Violet 2L
Liatris spicata Floristan White 2L
Liatris spicata Floristan White 2L
Liatris spicata Kobold 2L
Ligularia dentata Brit-Marie Crawford 2L
Lilium lancifolium Mixed 3L
Lilium Cavoli 3LD
Lilium Inuvik 3LD
Liriope muscari 3L
Liriope muscari Big Blue 3L
Lobelia cardinalis Queen Victoria 3L
Lobelia tupa 3L
Lunaria annua Honesty 9k
Lunaria redeviva Perennial Honesty 9k
Lupinus arboreus Blue 3L
Lupinus arboreus White 3L
Lupinus arboreus Yellow 3L
Lupinus Gallery Pink 3L
Lupinus Gallery Blue 3L
Lupinus Gallery Pink 7.5L
Lupinus Gallery Red 3L
Lupinus Gallery White 3L
Lupinus Gallery Yellow 3L
Lupinus Gallery Yellow 10l
Lupinus Lulu  Mixed 3L
Lupinus Russell Mixed 3L
Lychnis chalcedonica Molten Lava 2L
Lychnis flos-cuculii Nana Congesta 9k
Lysimachia atropurpurea Beaujolais 2L
Lysimachia clethroides 2L
Lythrum salicifola Robert 3L
Maclayea cordata 3L
Matthiola perenis Alba 2L
Melianthus major 2L
Monarda alba Gardenviiew Scarlet 2L
Monarda alba Jacob Klein 2L
Monarda alba Raspberry Wine 2L
Monarda Beauty of Cobham 2L
Monarda Fireball 2L
Myrrhis odorata 2l
Nectaorscordum siculum ssp.bulgaricum 1.5L
Nepeta faassenii (mussinii) 2L
Nepeta faassenii Snowflake 2L
Nepeta faassenii Walkers Low 2L
Nepeta Six Hills Giant 2L
Nerine bowdenii 1.5L
Omphalodes Cherry Ingram 2L
Origanum laevigatum Herrenhausen 2L
Origanum laevigatum Rosenkuppel 1.5L
Orthrosanthus 3L
Osteospermum eckionis compacta 2L
Osteospermum jucundum Nanum 2L
Osteospermum jucundum Cannington Roy 2.5L
Osteospermum jucundum Tresco Purple 2.5L
Oxalis adenophylla 9B
Oxalis triangularis 1L
Paeonia double Bowl of Beauty 5L
Paeonia double Festiva Maxima 5L
Paeonia double Kansas 5L
Paeonia double Sarah Bernhardt 5L
Paeonia single Nippon Beauty 5L
Paeonia single Red Magic 5L
Paeonia single White Wings 5L
Papaver orientale Harlem 2L
Papaver orientale Heartbeat 2L
Papaver orientale Manhatten 2L
Papaver orientale Patty’s Plum 3L
Papaver orientale Red 2L
Papaver orientale Snow Goose 2L
Papaver orientale Royal Wedding 2L
Papaver orientale Snow Goose 2L
Pardanacanda norisii Dazzler 2L
Pelargonium Ardens 1.5L
Penstemon Appleblossom 2L
Penstemon Blackbird 2L
Penstemon Dark Towers 2L
Penstemon Garnet 2L
Penstemon Heavenly Blue 2L
Penstemon Hewell’s Pink 2L
Penstemon King George 2L
Penstemon Plum Jerkum 2L
Penstemon Raven 2L
Penstemon Sour Grapes 2L
Penstemon Wedding Day 2L
Perovskia atrip Blue Spire 3L
Perovskia atrip Lacy Blue 3L
Perovskia atrip Little Spire 3L
Persicaria amplexicaulis East Field 2L
Persicaria amplexicaulis Fat Domino 2L
Persicaria bistorta Hohe Tatra 2L
Persicaria bistorta Superbum 3L
Persicaria microcephala Red Dragon 3L
Persicaria virginiana Painter’s Palette 3L
Persicaria virginiana Painter’s Palette 19L
Phlomis purpurea 5L
Phlomis russeliana 3L
Phlox divericata Chattahoochee 2L
Phlox divericata Clouds of Perfume 2L
Phlox paniculata-hybr Adessa Rose Eye 2L
Phlox paniculata-hybr Blue Paradise 2L
Phlox paniculata-hybr David 2L
Phlox paniculata-hybr Monica Lynden Bell 2L
Phlox paniculata-hybr Tatjana 2L
Phlox subulata Candy Strioe 9K
Phlox subulata Emerald Blue 9K
Phlox subulata Scarlet Flame 9K
Physalis allekengi franchettii 2L
Phytolacca acinosa 2L
Plumbago Escapade Blue 10F
Plumbago Escapade White 10F
Polemonium caeruleum Northern Lights 2L
Polygonatum multiflorum 2L
Primula mooreana Capitata 9K
Primula rosea Grandiflora 9K
Primula veris Cowslip 9K
Primula vulgaris Primrose 9K
Prostranthera cuneata 3L
Pulmonaria x hybrida Blue Ensign 2L
Pulmonaria x hybrida Diana Clare 2L
Pulmonaria x hybrida Opal 2L
Pulmonaria x hybrida Sissinghurst White 2L
Pulmonaria x hybrida Trevi Fountain 2L
Pulsatilla Pinwheel Red 2L
Rheum alexandrae 3L
Rhus Golden Solect 3L
Rodgersia Bronze Peacock 2L
Rosa banksia Lutea 4LD
Rosmarinus officionalis 2L
Rosmarinus officionalis Severn Sea 3L
Rosmarinus officionalis Sunkissed 2L
Rudbeckia Goldsturm 2L
Rudbeckia Little Gold Star 2L
Rue Jackman’s Blue 2L
Salvia argentea 3L
Salvia darcyi Penny’s Smile 2L
Salvia greggii Caramba 2L
Salvia greggii Emperor 2L
Salvia greggii Peter Vidgeon 2L
Salvia greggii Royal Bumble 2L
Salvia greggii Sunset Strip 2L
Salvia guaranitica Amistad 10F
Salvia guaranitica Argentine Sky 2L
Salvia guaranitica Blue Enigma 2L
Salvia involucrata Mulberry Jam 2L
Salvia microphylla Lutea 2L
Salvia microphylla Neurepia 2L
Salvia microphylla Silas Dyson 2L
Salvia microphylla Trebah 2L
Salvia nemorosa Carradonna 2L
Salvia nemorosa Eveline 2L
Salvia nemorosa Lyrical Silvertone 2L
Salvia nemorosa Lyrical White 2L
Salvia nemorosa Marcus 2L
Salvia nemorosa May Night 2L
Salvia nemorosa Sensation Deep Rose 2L
Salvia officionalis Icterina 9cm
Salvia officionalis Icterina 2L
Salvia officionalis Purpurescens 9cm
Salvia officionalis Purpurescens 2L
Salvia pratensis Eveline 2L
Salvia sclerea Turkestanica 2L
Salvia sclerea Vatican White 2L
Salvia superba Blue Queen 2L
Salvia superba Rose Queen 2L
Salvia uliginosa 2L
Salvia x jamensis Sunset Strip 2L
Salvia x jamensis Violette de Loire 3L
Sanguisorba obtusa Tanya 2L
Sanguisorba tenuifolia Alba 2L
Santolina chamaecyparissus Nana 2L
Santolina chamaecyparissus Lemon Fizz 2L
Santolina virens 2L
Saponaria ocymoides Rose 9k
Saponaria ocymoides Snow Tip 9k
Sarcococca confusa 7.5L
Sarcococca hookeriana 3L
Sarcococca hookeriana digyna Purple Stem 7.5L
Saxifraga arendsii Rocco Red 9k
Saxifraga stolonifera Cuscutiformis 1.5L
Scabiosa caucasica Fama 2L
Scabiosa caucasica Fama White 2L
Scabiosa caucasica Flutter Deep Blue 2L
Scabiosa caucasica Flutter Rose Pink 2L
Scabiosa caucasica Kudo Pink 2L
Scilla peruviana 2L
Sedum reflexum Aureum 9cm
Sedum spathulifolium Cappa Bianca 9cm
Sedum spathulifolium Purpureum 9cm
Sedum spectabile Brilliant 2L
Sedum spurium Dragon’s Blood 9cm
Sedum telephium Autumn Joy (Herbstfreude) 2L
Sedum Frosted Fire 2L
Sedum Jennifer 2L
Sedum Laojos(Autumn Charm) 2L
Sedum Purple Emperor 2L
Sempervivum Various 9cm
Sidalcea candida Bianca 2L
Sidalcea hybrid Elsie Heugh 2L
Spiraea thumbergii Sparkling Champagne 2.5L
Stachys byzantina Big Ears 2L
Stachys byzantina Silver Carpet 2L
Stachys thumbergii Daniella 1.5L
Symphotrichium amellus Brilliant 2L
Symphotrichium novae-angliae Alma Potsche 2L
Symphotrichium novae-angliae Barr’s Violet 2L
Symphotrichium novae-angliae Harrington’s Pink 2L
Symphotrichium novae-angliae Helen Picton 2L
Symphotrichium novae-angliae James Ritchie 2L
Symphotrichium novae-angliae Lou Williams 2L
Symphotrichium novae-angliae Lye End Beauty 2L
Symphotrichium novae-angliae Marina Wolkonsky 2L
Symphotrichium novae-angliae Purple Cloud 2L
Symphotrichium novae-angliae Purple Dome 2L
Symphotrichium novae-angliae Ruddlesburg 2L
Symphotrichium novae-angliae Sayer’s Croft 2L
Symphotrichium novae-angliae Schneehugel 2L
Tanacetum coccineum Robinson’s Red 2L
Tanacetum coccineum Robinson’s Rose 2L
Teucrium fruticans Azoreum 1.5L
Thalictrum delavayi Album 2L
Thalictrum delavayi Black Stockings 3L
Thalictrum delavayi Hewitt’s Double 2L
Tiarella wherryi Iron Butterfly 2L
Tiarella wherryi Pink Sky Rocket 2L
Tigridia coccinea Red Hot Tiger 2L
Tradescantia x andersoniana Pink Chablis 2L
Tradescantia x andersoniana Sweet Kate 2L
Tricytris hirta 2L
Trifolium repens Purpurescens Quadrifolium 9cm
Trifolium repens Red Dragon 9cm
Trollius cultorum Chedder 2L
Tulbaghia violacea Lavender Lace 2L
Tulbaghia violacea Silver Lace 2.5L
Verbascum bombycyferum Arctic Summer 3L
Verbascum Temptress Purple 2L
Verbascum Temptress White 2L
Verbena bonariensis 3L
Veronica hybrid Moody Blues Lt Blue 2L
Veronica peduncularis Georgia Blue 9k
Veronica prostrata Nestor 9k
Veronica spicata First Lady (white) 2L
Veronica spicata First Love (pink) 2L
Veronica spicata Pink Harmony 2L
Veronica spicata Royal Candles 2L
Veronica spicata Royal Candles 2L
Veronicastrum virginicum Album 2L
Vinca major maculata oxyloba 3L
Vinca minor Alba 1.5LK
Vinca minor Alba 3L
Vinca minor Atropurpurea 1L
Vinca minor Atropurpurea 3L
Vinca minor Bowles Variety (La Grave) 2L
Vinca minor Illumination 2L
Vinca minor Moonlit 2L
Vinca minor Ralph Shugart 2.5L
Viola odorata Mericle Pink 1.5L
Viola odorata Mericle Whlte 1.5L
Viola odorata Queen Charlotte 1.5L
Zantedeschia aethiopica Crowborough 3L
Zantedeschia aethiopica Kiwi Blush 3L