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Downside Nursery’s owner, Lorraine Young planting out herbs

Fresh herbs are now such an important ingredient in our cooking, where would we and our master chefs be without them?   We sell a good range of culinary herbs. If you are short of space, why not try one of our herb planters or hanging baskets – you could order one to suit your exact size and contents. Sooo good to add fresh herbs to the BBQ!

Readers of Alys Fowler in The Guardian will be pleased to see we have Leaf Celery included, and have you discovered Stevia yet – probably best known as a source of natural sweeteners.

We grow the majority of popular herbs and this is what we will have had at the start of the season:

To see the list of herbs that we have in stock at the beginning of the season, please see the list below; this does not however guarantee availability. Conversely, there will be additions to our list during the year, so if you are looking for something particular, do ask – we might be able to help. Call us on 01225 862 392 or email us.

Generally 10cm round pots grown from seed 
Herbs Basil Lemon
Herbs Basil Cinnamon
Herbs Basil Red
Herbs Basil Sweet
Herbs Bay
Herbs Borage Blue
Herbs Borage White
Herbs Celery Leaf
Herbs Chervil
Herbs Chives
Herbs Chives Garlic
Herbs Coriander
Herbs Dill
Herbs Fennel Bronze
Herbs Hyssop
Herbs Leaf Celery
Herbs Lovage
Herbs Marigold Pot
Herbs Oregano
Herbs Parsley Flat Leaf
Herbs Parsley Curly Leaf
Herbs Rocket
Herbs Saffron
Herbs Sorrell
Herbs Summer Savoury
Herbs Thyme
Herbs Watercress
Generally 9cm square pots grown from cuttings 
Chamomile Double
Lemon Balm
Lemon Verbena
Mint Black Peppermint
Mint Apple
Mint Garden
Rosmarinus officionalis 2L
Rosmarinus officionalis Miss Jessop’s TC26
Rosmarinus officionalis Prostratus 2L
Rosmarinus officionalis 1.5L
Rosmarinus officionalis TC24
Sage Purple
Sage Tri-Colour
Sage Broadleaf
Thymus Archer’s Gold 9cm
Thymus Silver Posy 9cm
Thymus serpyllum Albus 9cm
Thymus serpyllum Coccineus 9cm
Thymus serpyllum Lemon 9cm
Thymus serpyllum Pink Chintz 9cm